-flowers and ribbons-

whether for giselle, or a corps of fairies, or a peasant pas de deux, delicate flowered headpieces are a perfect finishing touch.

i offer several different styles to choose from, and each can be customized in several ways:  flower & ribbon color, with or without ribbons flowing from the back, and the addition of beads, pearls or rhinestones, just to start.

as always, please use these photos as a starting point.
each piece is unique, just like the dancer they are created for.

-click on photos to enlarge-

a small delicate half-wreath, this is made to wrap a bun, leaving the ribbons to trail below.

$100 - $150



this beautiful wreath is tapered to be smaller a the front and wider at the back.almost oval shaped, this piece typically dips down at the sides, and sits high on the crown of the head, in what i think of as a more royal ballet style.
flattering to everyone, this the perfect peasant headpiece.

$125 -$200


these small flower sprays are a ballet staple. 
they can be as ornate  or simple as the character you are portraying.
i generally try to incorporate as much texture and depth as possible
by using sheer & opaque, velvet & satin, 
as well as crystal or pearl when appropriate.

$75-/per pair and up


a net of wire & crystal,
 accented by custom made fabric flowers.
the netting disappears,
 leaving only the web of crystals shining in your hair.
as always, available in any combination of metals & colors.

$125- and up

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