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  please contact me by phone at:
to place an order--
it's the only way we can both be sure of what's happening....
once we've spoken, and i've got a better idea of what your needs are, i'll probably ask you about your color choices--
since everyone sees color differently, i like to work from sample cards,       that way we are both on the same page.
the way it works is this-- i keep a full set of home depot's behr premium color cards.  they've got every color you can imagine, 
and almost everyone has a home depot they can get to.  you just pick the colors that match your production, and  i'll know exactly 
which ones you're looking at,  and have a clear picture of the look you're after. 
i won't be able  to get a perfect match on everything,  but years of stage experience have shown me how to blend colors for a cohesive whole.

most rhinestone and beaded pieces have a metallic base,
 generally either gold or silver.
 the choice is yours.

please, don't hesitate to ask questions or make requests.
i would be thrilled to have the opportunity to create something new with you. 
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